Akram Raffoul

Board Director

Years ago, when Jacobsons was a one room office with half a dozen staff, a client asked him how soon he could deliver his direct mail packages. “How about yesterday?” came the breezy reply.

Akram joined Jacobsons as a Board Director in 1992 to drive full service development within the company. He’s an Agronomy Engineer with a marketing orientation from the Universite Catholique de Lille/ISA, France. He gained a Masters’ in International Marketing from IGIA/ESSEC in France, specialising in Marketing Planning and Market Modelling. From setting up the Pan Arab Research Centre in Lebanon and the UAE, to heading the regional Marketing Services Division of the Publi-Graphics Network, Akram’s 22-year career is a showcase of international exposure, achievements and business connections.

The People

George Jacob

Founder & Managing Director

The first word he probably uttered was “yesterday”. He still makes sure he gets it.

Ashley Jacob


Down-to-earth, ready to take on any challenge and hell-bent on meeting deadlines.

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