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With PURE we take your data in any format and provide you with a standardized and formatted database ready to use. PURE is a semi-automated process that uses all of Jacobsons 20+ years of database knowledge. Make the most of your data, PURE it!

Successful one-to-one dialogue and marketing practices start with accurate and formatted databases. Inaccurate data results could lead to the following:

  1. Non Contactable information
  2. Wasteful Spend either trying to contact the above or duplicate mailings


  1. Lower response rates
  2. Wasted valuable resources
  3. Missed & delayed business objectives

Until today there has not been a dependable, comprehensive, and cost-efficient solution to this problem.
Today we have PURE.

PURE works across all industries. Whether its banking and finance, airlines, hospitality or the service industries. If an organization collects data and wishes to communicate with their contacts, then PURE is the solution for a standardized and formatted database.

Various forms of personalized text-bearing or illustrated Postal and electronic mail prevail as the most practiced forms of one-to-one dialogue. At the same time they are totally database-dependent.


Maximize communication quality

Direct Marketing or One-to-One communication can occur through a number of channels:

  • Postal delivery Mail
  • Express delivery Courier
  • Voice (Telephone/ Fax)
  • SMS
  • Email

PURE will help maximize communication quality & delivery by ensuring the right content falls in to the right fields.


Faster easier better

The benefits

There is no mystery to the benefits of using PURE. It’s easily explained and totally measurable.

  • Professional address presentation on labels, personalized correspondence or response cards
  • Easy segmentation, hassle-free database counts – with the help of profiling
  • Cost & time savings
  • Improved efficiency – (faster, easier, better organized, better impressions)


What exactly is PURE database reformation process?

PURE is a multi-stage semi-auto- mated process. It is the discipline of formatting available data sets to form information that is best suited for your business needs.

3 main stages in the primary PURE – database reformation process:

  1. Extraction of meaningful data
  2. Standardization of available information
  3. Enhancement of the data set


Translation + de-duplication

Additional PURE processes:

  • translator process
  • de-dupe process

Optional Services

Once you have invested in developing your database to the PURE standard, it’s important to know what you want to do with it and how you want to proceed with the information developed.

Some of our optional services to help in this regard are

  • Database management
  • Database hosting services
  • Data Capture
  • Live Data Update
  • Data Expansion & Enhancement
  • Database Warehousing & Maintenance
  • Application oriented Database Management up to CRM


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