Platform and tool agnostic, with a broad knowledge of all kinds of data and industry expertise.

We can help you create a strategic plan for achieving state-of-the-art data-driven marketing performance

Let us help you evolve your marketing within the framework of a strategic, data-driven roadmap. Our consulting services helps you address and integrate all elements of a comprehensive, end-to-end marketing approach from identifying profitable new customers to journey mapping to measuring results so you can adapt your marketing in today’s fast-moving, cross-channel environment.

MultiChannel Engagement
We know what it takes to interact relevantly and resonantly with consumers and how to advance your marketing organization to the next level.

Assessment & Roadmap
Having decades of experience with both offline and online data, we can help you assess your current data assets.

Collecting and connecting data – and ensuring its quality – is key to, and necessary for relevant and convertible personalization.

Consumer Experience
Smart consumer interaction requires a view informed by integrated data as well as synchronized touch points across all channels.

Assessment & Roadmaps

Many organizations overlook the importance of assessing the data they have and that which they can further generate with intended uses.

Effective data-driven marketing and revenue generation are a strategic matter. Unstructured or poor quality data can be very damaging to data-driven marketing efforts, not only in direct costs but in hidden consequences to your brand. because of customers’ poor experiences.

Jacobson Marketing has over three decades of experience performing Data Assessments, with data sources ranging from transactional systems to websites. We’ve used that experience to develop proven data assessment methodologies and tools to uncover opportunities for improving data practices and adding to the value of data assets.

In addition, Jacobson Marketing’s Roadmap is an invaluable methodology that helps you create a powerful marketing infrastructure – from the ground up – to transform marketing activities and measurably improve ROI.

Using it, we guide our clients on a collaborative journey from planning through execution. Along the way, we provide the knowledge your organization needs to master industry best practices in traditional and digital marketing and become an effective data-driven, knowledge-based marketer.



Our full range of strategic and technical advisory services is the starting point for many companies. We address business needs ranging from investment rationales to campaign management, from advanced analytics to custom solutions.

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We help you articulate a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy, creating the foundation for using data successfully to identify and capture new customer relationships – and enhance and enrich existing ones.



The right database system is vital to support your strategic planning, analysis and campaign activities. Jacobson Marketing’s work includes a complete analysis of the relationships between your functions, available technologies, data types, record growth, field population, transaction feeds and file deliverability.

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Our database development teams use best-in-class practices to develop your database application by starting with our award-winning database platform customized for you or by creating a new solution specifically to meet your data needs.

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When we roll out your database platform, our teams are there to support your technical, marketing and operations teams in training and implementation. This support continues throughout your engagement with us.

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Through ongoing evaluation and enhancement, we help your teams identify key learnings to continuously improve strategies, operating processes, campaign performances and marketing ROI.

Learn how we can be the voice to your Customer.


Journey Mapping

Mapping a consumer’s journey through all stages of the marketing lifecycle from discovery to engagement and re-engagement visually portrays the consumer experience from his or her point of view rather than the marketer’s perspective. A consumer journey map captures the consumer’s needs, pathways, and perceptions throughout their relationship with a brand. It allows you to visualize their experience of your entire brand – not the channels you use or an experience with an isolated department, but how they are realizing your company through their brand experience. If you’re a retailer, mapping an experience can start from the moment a consumer interacts with your brand. If you’re online, the point of entry and evaluation is your website. Depending on your industry, reservation systems, backend; product packaging, performance and installation; number and frequency of communications; customer service and more add up to the consumer’s total perception of your company.

Our ability to help you map your customer’s journey will not only help you improve customer experience, but will also help you work better across departmental silos and with partners to ensure your brand performance – and reputation – are perceived positively.

Touchpoint Mapping

Delivering the kind of holistic brand experience that today’s consumers expect relies on marketers’ ability to orchestrate touch points across all channels – seamlessly and updated with moment-to-moment relevancy … but also with the right frequency and synchronization … and also matched to the customer lifecycle.

Identifying touch points is critical to creating a customer journey map and understanding the customer experience in order to optimize all the interactions that add up to it.

We can help you understand the hundreds of not only marketing communications, but also their position with other brand communications to determine which are the most pertinent to your brand – and your company’s – success.

Map and optimize your customer’s journey.