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Data is at the heart of effective, relevant marketing. Our consumer database provide hundreds of data points and modeling options for accurate views of best prospects and current customers, as well as for fresh insights and customer intelligence.
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Our regional data assets, both online and offline, can play a key role in enriching your own data, blended together to provide a complete, 360° accurate and up-to-date consumer view. Our database helps bring a wealth of consumer intelligence to the picture.

In addition, Jacobson’s can marshal the rich resources of our partner alliance — which includes additional consumer research data and powerful insights – as well as any other third-party data you might need to optimize your marketing.

For customer acquisition, customer retention and campaign optimization – with a powerful regional reach and the richest sources of online, offline and social data, contact us to learn more about our data offerings

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Many organizations overlook the importance of assessing the data they have and that which they can further generate with intended uses.

Effective data-driven marketing and revenue generation are a strategic matter. Unstructured or poor quality data can be very damaging to data-driven marketing efforts, not only in direct costs but in hidden consequences to your brand. because of customers’ poor experiences.

Jacobson Marketing has over three decades of experience performing Data Assessments, with data sources ranging from transactional systems to websites. We’ve used that experience to develop proven data assessment methodologies and tools to uncover opportunities for improving data practices and adding to the value of data assets.

In addition, Jacobson Marketing’s Roadmap is an invaluable methodology that helps you create a powerful marketing infrastructure – from the ground up – to transform marketing activities and measurably improve ROI.

Using it, we guide our clients on a collaborative journey from planning through execution. Along the way, we provide the knowledge your organization needs to master industry best practices in traditional and digital marketing and become an effective data-driven, knowledge-based marketer.


Data abundance does not equate useability and relevance. Effective business planning demands a data strategy beginning with gathering, assessing, analyzing in view of monetizing to achieve long-term business goals.

Data for data’s sake – even from the trendiest channels – won’t necessarily move your marketing forward or optimize engagements that win consumers as customers and advocates. In fact, accumulating data can be overwhelming without a plan in place. Jacobsons’ core expertise is in harnessing online and offline data. This makes us the perfect partner to help you discern not only the most relevant data for your needs but how to map it and get it to work for your business.

Assessment & Roadmaps

Jacobsons has over three decades of experience performing Data Assessments, building Strategic Data and Intelligence engines from within and outside the business.

Customer Experience

Data and the Insights obtained from it drive not only observant and discreet interaction with consumers, but also deep relevance to their wants and needs...


As longtime, well-established experts in data, we have perfected the art and science of high quality, highly accurate data. From data cleansing to enrichment and developing a customized CRM that opens up a world of new customer opportunities, we do it all.

We’re not just data collectors. We’re data aficionados. Good data is more than the sum of it’s historical, transactional or real-time nature. It tells a consumer’s story. Unlike those who have just jumped on the Big Data bandwagon, we’ve done everything – and seen everything — in the wonderful world of data and have it down pat. No doubt about it. We are the data experts.

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