Strategic Partnership announcement for the Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2016

We at Jacobsons are delighted to announce our partnership with the Gulf Customer Experience Awards which will be held in Dubai on the 18th of January 2017.

The Gulf Customer Experience Awards will be a culmination of an engaging journey for all involved with over 300 delegates coming together to network with peers and community leaders.

The Finals will include over 100 open panel presentations given by finalists coming from both the public and private sector across the region. The Winners will be announced in the afternoon of the Event during the Awards ceremony.

Examples of the blue chip companies who have been involved so far include Commercial Bank of Dubai, National Bank of Fujairah, Biz Group and many more.

There are also many highly respected local and international government officials, business leaders and academics making up the judging panels for each category.

If you would like to use your business expertise to be part of a Category Judging Panel, why not apply as a judge and see others you will be joining in judging at the Awards.

It is a great way for you to gain external validation, build profile, make new contacts, motivate teams and for us to say thank you to our clients/customers – all in all a very rewarding experience!

Jacobsons Discounted Entry Fee per category: $395
(N.B. The Entry fee does not include any tickets for attending the Finals and Ceremony)
Entry deadline: 12th of October 2016
Awards Finals and Ceremony: 18th of January 2017

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