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Reach consumers with personalized, relevant communications in real time.
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Jacobson Marketing’s Consumer Engagement Platform brings order to today’s dynamic marketing landscape

We are seasoned data experts with a cadre of experienced marketing data analysts, a marketing technology architecture and a delivery services team working in partnership with the world’s best-known technology companies. We create customer engagement platforms for acquisition, retention and relationship management that is tailored to a company’s particular needs as well as to its target audience and customers.

Multichannel Engagement Page:

Because of our extensive experience in marketing data, analytics and technology and our comprehensive engagement marketing ecosystem, we know what it takes to interact relevantly and resonantly with consumers and how to advance your marketing organization to the next level.

From advanced modeling for email prospecting services to coordinated campaign services across email, digital, social and mobile, we can help you optimize and transform your marketing organization to achieve synchronized data-driven one-to-one interactions that win new customers and create brand advocates of existing customers.

Increase your conversions, optimize your revenue.